Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Three Wise Girls (1932)

What a delightful little Thirties gem! It reminded me a lot of Three on a Match, which was also very good - and released in the same year. Typical soaper about women trying to make it in the Big City, and how they get mixed up in loving married men. Harlow does an affable job; not her best work, but not bad at all, and intensely likeable. Having said that, Marie Prevost as Dot stole the picture. So cute, so cuddly, so funny! With snappy dialogue, plenty of pre-Code risqueness (and lingerie), and Mae Clarke's hard-boiled performance, this is my favorite Jean Harlow movie - right after Red-Headed Woman. It's a shame it's not shown more often.

I give this one:

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John McElwee said...

Just read all your terrific reviews. I love your enthusiasm and the way you express it!

John McElwee at Greenbriar.