Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kavalcade of Keaton II: Son of Kavalcade

Three Ages (1923):

Buster's spoof of 1916's Intolerance, this picture demonstrates the timelessness of love, in three settings: the Stone Age, Roman times, and the "Modern" age. I found the going back and forth wearing a bit thin at times, but for the most part I really enjoyed this. Not surprisingly, the modern section of the story is best (at least in my opinion). Cute little visual jokes abound and are fun to spot.

I give this one:

This disc, being Kino, came with two shorts:

The Goat (1921):

Our Hero, a criminal mastermind? That's what everyone thinks after his picture is mistakenly published as the mugshot of Dead Shot Dan. Quick and imaginative (I especially liked the elevator gags), with some excellent daredevil stunts.

I give this one:

My Wife's Relations (1922)

Biggest take-away from this: never agree with the judge if you don't speak his language. Our Hero winds up with a new bride - and some rough-and-tumble brothers-in-law to boot. Will he survive? Honestly at times I wasn't sure. *laughs* He got knocked around a LOT in this short! Simple bit of cute fluff, though, and it did make me laugh, despite being heavy on the stereotypes.

I give this one:

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