Thursday, July 2, 2009

Girl Shy (1924)

This was a super-cute picture. Harold plays a fellow who gets painfully shy around women...but thanks to much covert study (and a fertile imagination!) he has written a book on "How to Make Love". While en route to the publisher, he meets up with a lovely young woman (played with genuine sweetness by Jobyna Ralston) who has issues of her own, and the two falter their way into a real romance. Will it succeed? Will they triumph over the things in their way? Will Harold develop a dependance on dog biscuits? You'll have to watch it and see. This movie has no slow spots - and one of Lloyd's greatest chase sequences at the end. One of the first pictures in the new "romantic comedy" genre, and a terrific one at that.

I give this one:

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VP81955 said...

I love "Girl Shy" too, and think the chase scene, which uses varied modes of transportation (my favorite is the streetcar, as Lloyd gives us a vivid viewing of mid-1920s Los Angeles) is a classic. I like this film slightly more than "Safety Last," a compliment indeed.