Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Kid (1921)

Typically, I'm not crazy about Chaplin's stuff. Don't get me wrong, he's brilliant, but I don't connect with it as much as with Keaton or Lloyd's work. But this...this was a masterpiece. I was floored with how much beauty Chaplin imbues his simple story of a man and the child of whom he is "practically" the father. There is a moment in the picture where The Tramp is fighting to keep his little boy (played with astonishing ability by Jackie Coogan); he becomes a wild animal, rabid desperation in his's haunting and deeply effective. You'll run the emotional gamut from giggling to sobbing and back again. This isn't called one of his best for nothing - please, if you ever get the chance, see The Kid.

I give this one:

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FilmMaster said...

I adore Chaplins simplicity because it makes emotion accessible and beautiful. The Kid is the film that truly got me engaged with Chaplin and is easily in my top 5 directors list.

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