Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Riddle: Madge

(I felt badly for giving Madge such a poor review, so this week is dedicated to her.)

Margaret Philpott, dancing queen,
ran away at seventeen,
debuted on stage to great acclaim
and shortly after changed her name.
Madge Bellamy had Broadway's best,
yet ditched it all for a screen test.
Lorna Doone, The Iron Horse,
Her career was straight on course --
but storms destroy the brightest days;
the tempest here?  Her haughty ways.
Uncompromising, aggravating,
never content with just waiting,
injuring herself with choices
warned against by friendly voices.
Refusing almost everything...
until her phone just ceased to ring.
A later comeback slumped and stopped;
her star had permanently dropped.
Take heed and be one who prevails --
get some dirt beneath your nails!

Madge Bellamy


Anonymous said...

'Just found your blog and I really liked your poem! You are a very good writer!


Avalon76 said...

Welcome aboard, Rachel, and thank you so much! ^_^