Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Eagle (1925)

Hello, my name is Vladimir Dubrovsky.
You have wronged my father; prepare to die!

Lieutenant Dubrovsky (Valentino) deserts his military post (both breaking and infuriating the Czarina's heart in the process) in order to exact revenge on the man who has ruined his family; he maneuvers his way into the enemy's household, only to fall for his daughter (Vilma Banky). Is love strong enough to override vengeance?

This was a mediocre, but pleasant little romantic drama, with nods to swashbuckling adventure and some wonderful tongue-in-cheek moments. Valentino is handsome - almost leonine; Banky is lovely and her acting is capable. Her beauty at times is almost startling (the nightgown scene in particular). Another bright spot is Louise Dresser as the Czarina - she plays the role with just the right amount of self-aware grandeur.

It's a shame that Valentino didn't get a chance to do more comedy - he is certainly adept at it! My favorite parts of the picture were these little flashes of humor: his facial expressions when the ring gets stuck...the soup scene...and the thorough job he does at massage. Too funny!

I give this one:


Margaret Benbow said...

You're right--Valentino was also good at comedy! In The Eagle, I enjoyed his exquisite discomfort when the Czarina was making a play for him...

Irene Palfy said...

"Hello, my Name is ... You have wronged my father; prepare to die." lol
Great!! Though I am allways hearing that with a spanishlike accenct.. how come?.. ^^