Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Greeks Had a Word for Them (1932)

Thanks to a trip to Big Lots, where all the cool kids get their toilet paper and sandwich bags, I found an old AMC box set for $5 - sweet!  So without further ado, let's get reviewin'.

My copy was the reissue print, since it was named:

Maybe I'm a little wonky, but I found this film confusing.   The plot is slim - working girls "working men", as the early title says - but there's so many ins and outs and interrelationships that it comes off disjointed and silly.  The real reason to watch this is to revel in the beauty of the three leads, especially Joan Blondell, and the occasional smart wisecrack.  The best part was the comic mass confusion at the end, involving the Three Musketeers (as they are referred to) and a wedding.  It sparkles with humor, which is sadly missing in the rest of the picture.   

Pretty to look at, but lacking enough substance to arouse interest for long.

I give this one: 

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