Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An Award!

Thank you to Lolita of Lolita's Classics for giving me the Kreativ Blogger award both here and at Silent Stanzas! Now, there are some rules involved:

1) Tell you seven things that you don't already know about me.
2) Name seven other blogs to receive this award.
3) Leave a comment on each of the blogs I have nominated letting them know that I have given them an award.
4) And lastly, thank the blog that gave you the award.

Seven things you don't know about me:

• I'm addicted to Chapstick. I have a tube with me at all times. *grins*
• I don't drive.
• I've played the piano by ear since I was four years old (though I'm a little rusty these days).
• I'm single.
• Italian and American South folk beliefs, and really all religion, interests me greatly.
• I have a chubby black cat named Velvet who is my darling boy.
• I love to knit - been doing it only about a year and can't get enough!

There are too many wonderful blogs out there for me to pick just seven - so I complement all of you on your dedication and eloquence. Reading your blogs makes my day! ^_^


Lolita Kane said...

I first read "I'm addicted to slapstick", haha. So you also have a fat cat? Interesting...

Avalon76 said...

I'm addicted to Buster, does that count? =D

Yes, he's a big boy, but he hardly eats. He had stomach surgery as a kitten and it screwed up his metabolism. I call him my catloaf. ^_^