Thursday, October 8, 2009


Keep reading after the poem for an update - and a contest!

Witty, impish, brave,
Loved to misbehave.
On screen,
His boyish appeal
Guaranteed to steal
Each scene.
He switched his career
Later on - his dear
Designing instead,
Each floor plan, each spread
In his time, unique
Unafraid to speak
Of the way he lived:
Honest, sensitive,
and proud.

William Haines

Not everyone who reads this blog recognizes the stars I write about - so I'm going to start including a link for more information about them. There'll be a link added to the previous poems, too.

And now...a little contest! The first person to answer this riddle correctly gets to choose whom I write about next week. Ready?

William Haines' best friend was someone he rose through the ranks with when just starting out. What was his/her name - and what nickname did Billy call him/her by?

Good luck!


Lya de Putti said...

OOoh ooh - I know! How do I enter without giving away the answer?!! Oh OK Joan Crawford and Cranberry? x

Avalon76 said...

Yay! Congratulations - you got it! So who should I write about next week? ;)

Lya de Putti said...

How about Margaret Leahy? The young British milliner who won a beauty contest in 1922 and was whisked to Hollywood to become a STAR - only to fail... I'm KNOW you could write something beautiful about that - Lya x

Avalon76 said...

Your wish, my dear, is my command. Now off to learn more about Ms Leahy...^_^