Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Words With Flappers

Back in 1913, the New York World was looking for a new puzzle for their fun page.  They asked journalist Arthur Wynne to come up with something, and drawing on his knowledge of word squares, he whipped up a little game he called a "word-cross":

It was an immediate hit, and over the next ten years these puzzles, eventually called "crosswords", became insanely popular.  By the end of the 20s they were featured in almost every American newspaper.  People really went crazy over them!  There were crossword parties, published collections (came complete with pencil!), even crossword fashions.  Check out these ladies’ legs:

photo courtesy Hoodoo that Voodoo

So why am I telling you this?

Getting ready for work I heard how Zynga's profits rose considerably, thanks to a little game called "Words With Friends". 

Hmm, what's an eight letter word for "everything old is new again"?

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halman said...

I remember this game. Now there are some mobile apps such words with friends to play this game on the phone.