Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hello Everyone!

This blog has been silent (ha) for a long time, but it was for a very good reason.
May I present to you...

REELS & RIVALS: Sisters in Silent Film

The last year and a half was a flurry of scribbling, typing, editing, more typing, more was hard work and I loved every moment of it.  You'll find profiles of well-known sisters like Mae and Marguerite Marsh, obscure sisters like Alma and Olive Tell, even vaudeville acts like the Dolly Sisters.  Violent marriages, heartbreaking tragedies. drastic surgeries. secret identities...these were sisters with secrets!

If you choose to read it (and I hope you do), please let me know what you think!

Available from Amazon (click the photo) or directly from the publisher, BearManor Media.