Thursday, October 3, 2013

Adults Only! -- Maniac (1934)

Oh man, I wanted to write a review for this -- I really, really did -- but all I managed to get out was "what the hell did I just watch?"  Well, that and  "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

The Bad Movie Report has a brilliant review here if you want something more intelligent and cohesive.  What follows will be notes I made (after wiping the tears out of my eyes).


The plot (as if it mattered), from IMDb:

A former vaudevillian gifted at impersonation assists a mad scientist in reanimating corpses and soon goes mad himself.  (Why the hell is a vaudeville guy even working with a scientist?)

Memorable moments:

• Dr Mierschultz listening for a heartbeat on his victim.  IN THE MORGUE.

• More ham acting than a roomful of Barrymores!
 Bizarre intertitles about mental illness that pop up at random times -- with happy music!
 LSD trip double exposures!  
 Suddenly, gratutitous nudity!
 Eating of cat eyeballs!  "It is not unlike an OYSTER or a GRAPE!"
 Continuity?  What's that?  Even the cat has a bad stand-in.
• T & A ending that was mercifully tacked on for the viewers.  

and my favorite line:

"The cats eat the rats, the rats eat the cats, and I get the skins!"

HOLY CRAP this movie is off the rails.  It's made by the same folks who made Reefer Madness, so that should be no surprise.  

Best part of all?  It's available on Youtube.  GO WATCH IT.


Page said...

Hmmm! I haven't had the pleasure or perhaps displeasure of seeing this one. : )

Some films are so raunchy and cheesy though that they're still entertaining. Thanks for providing the links for us.

Have a nice weekend!

FlickChick said...

Need to see this.... Halloween is coming!

Anonymous said...

This is one of the better Rifftrax.

Flapper Flickers + Silent Stanzas said...

Ooh, you both definitely need to see it. Anon, thanks for the tip -- this movie was already hysterical WITHOUT Rifftrax, so with it must be awesome!