Friday, May 31, 2013

The Summer Movies for '13

Got absorbed in a project and didn't have time to write a proper blog entry this week (sorry!) so in exchange, I offer you the movies that exhibitors couldn't wait to get in their theatres -- from exactly 100 years ago today.  From the May 31, 1913 issue of Moving Picture World [all courtesy the MHDB]:

(How can you go wrong with that first title?)

(I kind of want to see THE ACCUSING HAND. 
"Driven to complete confession without one single word of accusation"!)

(A HUSBAND'S TRICK stars Lillian Walker as a woman who realizes 
the husband-neglecting error of her suffragette ways.  Yay?)

("Professor Nutt, the vegetarian, goes to the house of an old friend for dinner."
Hey, it ain't WORLD WAR Z, but it'll do.)

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FlickChick said...

What a clever and fun post! I'd much rather see these than most of the current offerings!