Friday, May 24, 2013


John Gilbert and Karl Dane in "The Big Parade" (1925)
[image courtesy The Eastman House]

Richard Arlen and Buddy Rogers in "Wings" (1927)
[image courtesy Feminema]

"The War Film Speaks", Motion Picture, November 1914
[courtesy the MHDL]

I show you long lines of marching men
As in war's grim armor they go their way
To the battlefield, the fort and the fen,
And you clap your hands and you shout hurrah!
But pause for a moment, my friends out there,
Where safe you sit as my swift feet leap,
And think of the children that starve and stare
And the waiting women that work and weep.

Ah, know you already that war's wild hate
Has taken its toll of these marching lines,
That many a face with a smile elate
Lies ghastly now 'neath the border pines?
Yes, this laughing lad and that gaunt grandsire,
Who please your eye with their trim display,
May now be fighting 'mid hell's fierce fire,
Or breathing their last in the mad affray.

O mothers that look on your sons with pride,
O daughters that gaze on your fathers dear,
O maids that sit by a fond lover's side,
O wives that hover your husbands near,
Resolve in your hearts this horror must go
That brings to the world such awful dole,
This cheat called war with its pitiless woe
That wrings to the depths each human soul.

--Oscar H. Roesner

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Jessica Goody said...

I really like your blog. Like you, I am a huge fan of classic film and the 1920's.

I noticed that you often include others' writing as well as your own on your site. Would you possibly consider using my poetry? I have written a series of short poems on film--odes to actresses and movies.

If you want to see some of my poetry, let me know and i will send it to you.

If you were wondering, I have written two volumes and am working on a third, as well as a number of chapbooks and a novella. Unfortunately, I have yet to see an entire book in print--I am still courting publishers.

I love classic movies, their style, their language, the cinematography and design. What are some of your favorites?


Jessica Goody