Thursday, April 25, 2013

Potpourri is the Bees' Knees

Boy, this week really got away from me!   I had wanted to post a Silent Stanzas poem for you this week -- been so long since I did one -- but between doctors and plumbers and personal drama I never got a chance!
Next week, I promise.  

Your consolation prize post: some weird / interesting assorted stuff I've collected the last few weeks.

They were really gaga for legs in the 20s.  From Photoplay, January 1926:

No home should be without one.  Presenting the John Bunny statue, Motion Picture, August 1914:

I AM SMUT!  Film Truth, Nov 1920:

And finally, everyone's favorite Keystone comic: GEORGE Chaplin?  Motion Picture, August 1914:

See you next week!


FlickChick said...

LOL - I love that kind of stuff. One of my favorite ads from an old Photoplay is a device you strap on at night to make your nose smaller.

Flapper Flickers + Silent Stanzas said...

HA! The ads are gold! I could spend all day going through this stuff :D

lirehagi said...
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