Thursday, April 4, 2013

Five Facts About: Muriel Ostriche

[photo courtesy Immortal Ephemera]

      1.   The lovely Muriel started her film career at Biograph in 1911, but it wasn’t until Thanhouser in 1913 that she became a star.  In between, she worked at Powers, Pathé, Éclair, and Reliance. Whew!

      2.  Her work was so well-received that Charles J Hite, president of Thanhouser Studios, created a separate film division just for her – Princess – and made her its leading lady.

Muriel in a scene from The Decoy (1914), 
a Princess film you can watch in its entirety on the Thanhouser website

      3.  Muriel enjoyed dancing and had a talent for it.  She and a taxi-dancer friend would often impress the patrons at Rector’s, a popular restaurant.  Her friend eventually went on to his own success in films...maybe you’ve heard of him?

      4.  At the height of her movie stardom, she was also the official face of Moxie, a popular soft drink which once outsold Coca-Cola.  You can still buy it today!

      5.  When Muriel died at age 93, in 1989, she was the last surviving major Thanhouser star.

      Interested?  Good!  For more about Muriel:

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The Farmer's Daughters, 1913 Thanhouser Film starring Muriel O. is uploaded on YT. You are welcome to link it to your site. It is public domain. Preservationhall01