Thursday, March 22, 2012

7 x 7 Link Award!

The kind and wonderful FlickChick of A Person in the Dark and lovely new friend I Thank You have both graced me with the 7 x 7 Link Award!

 Aw, shucks, guys.  You flatter me.  ;) 

While I don't pass these along -- there are too many terrific blogs for me to pick just seven -- it's great fun to follow the other rules!  So, without further ado:

Tell everyone something that no one else knows about.
I have a lip balm obsession.  I have to have one with me at all times.  Most often its either Burt's Bees or Carmex.  (This has extended into a lipstick obsession, too -- I have a box of 'em!)

Most Beautiful Piece:
I love the poem I wrote for Buster Keaton.  :)

A Title? Damfino

Most Helpful Piece:
Anything that spreads the joy that is Jack is supremely helpful.  ;)

Happy John Barrymore Awareness Day!

Most Popular Piece:
By far, it was when we discussed my dream:

Silent Stanzas: The Book?

Most Controversial Piece:
*laughs*  Probably when I was labeling poor Sue Carol as Clara Bow.

Walking Back (1928)

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece:
When I asked which poetry style I should do for Mabel Normand.  I still can't believe I got answers -- including some of Normand's own poetry.

Opinions, Please!

Most Underrated Piece:
The poem for Rudolph Valentino.  It really affected me -- still does.

The Incentive of Chivalry

Most Pride-Worthy Piece:
Far and away, the poem I wrote for Olive Thomas.  It was a sestina -- a particularly difficult form.

Our Lady of New Amsterdam

And there you have it!  ☺

Whether you've left comments or not, thank you so much for reading and spending a little time with me in my digital hidey-hole.  All of you, ALL of you, inspire me more than you know.

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FlickChick said...

Congrats on reaching the 100+1 mark! Love your blog and always look forward to your creative posts.