Thursday, April 28, 2011


In his photos,
I see not a Latin lover,
not an Arab or a sheik --
but a gentle, dark-eyed man,
beautiful, intelligent,
called by Hollywood and heaven
(some consider them the same)...

Madre de Dios,
you left your image on his heart,
A cloakful of roses
for the winter of his life.


ClassicBecky said...

I saw your post of this on Page's MyLoveOfOldHollywood blog. Really lovely poem!

Avalon76 said...

Aw, thank you Becky! I hope you'll stick around and check out some of the others. ^_^

Page said...

This was a very nice tribute to Novarro. Thanks for linking back to me and the photo credit!
Ramon is my early Hollywood favorite.

Avalon76 said...

Thanks so much, Page, I appreciate it! ^_^

ClassicBecky said...

Oh, I'll be around -- come and visit me sometime too. I'm at

FlickChick said...

I'm swooning - beautiful.

Avalon76 said...

Thanks so much, FlickChick! ^_^

impassionedcinema said...

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