Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blonde Crazy (1931)

Welcome!  It's time for Cooking with Flappers and Flickers!  Today's recipe:

Pre-Code Perfection

Aprons on?  Okay, let's begin.  Take one wiry, winsome tough guy, who knows all the angles (and loves all the curves)...

...then add one big-eyed beauty with a smart mouth (and a slap to match)...

Mix well with a snappy plot, witty dialogue and fast-paced direction.  Set on HIGH for 79 minutes, and you will get:

Man, do those two have chemistry!  I can see why they were paired up so often.  They make the most of a crackling script about the sordid life of con men.  It's sharp, it's funny, and although a sappy ending robs it of some of its steam, it's still a textbook example of what makes Blondell, Cagney, and early 30s movies so great.  I had so much fun with this one!  Highly recommended.

I give this one: 


Artman2112 said...

hiya huunnnnney! :D yup, cant beat that recipe! Some credit for the snappy pace has to go to Roy Del Ruth, as well. He was an excellent director and helmed many of those fast paced WB pre code gems including Ladykiller, the one i recommended to you the other day :) i'm hoping to watch Blonde Crazy this weekend. i burned it but didnt get the chance to view it yet, and its been quite a few years since i last saw it so it will indeed be a treat :) glad you enjoyed this one so much!

Artman2112 said...

YES! another that is a lot of fun is the "St Louis Kid" with Cagney, Allen Jenkins (WB"s perrenial dim bulb, lol) and Patricia Ellis. still another one is "Taxi" with Cagney and Loretta Young *sigh* and then of course's there's ALL the Cagney/Pat O'Brien team ups... Ever see Torrid Zone, In the Navy, Boy meets Girl or Devil Dogs of the Air? its interesting to note that a good number of those early to mid 30's super-snappy fast moving Cagney pictures were directed by either Roy Del Ruth or Lloyd Bacon. thos guys knew how to pace a picture i tell ya!

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