Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Young Fellow

I chose a French form this time - seemed right for the former Marquise de la Falaise.

Glamorous, yet plain,
the perfect combination
to describe the red carnation
she often would obtain;
her talent ruled the stars' domain,
her face a celebration -
glamorous, yet plain,
the perfect combination.

Strength, determination
even through her fear and pain;
as Queen of Silents, she will reign
in endless celebration.
Glamorous, yet plain,
the perfect combination.

Gloria Swanson


Lolita said...

Mm, right on the spot as usual! You're good, girl. Swanson is one of my absolute favourite women of all time.

Matthew Coniam said...

I agree - the perfect summation and a totally successful marriage of content and form.

Avalon76 said...

Thank you so very much - I am so happy you both like it!