Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lloyd Double Bill!

For Heaven's Sake (1926)

I always have a harder time liking the pictures where Harold starts out unsympathetic. That immediate connection is lost. Regardless, the end result is deft and funny, although not one of my favorites. Lloyd plays a wealthy (and rather clueless) gentleman who unwittingly winds up helping a minister's beautiful daughter, played by Jobyna Ralston (who is growing on me), and eventually the entire church mision. The "heavies" steal the picture out from under Harold; indeed, the biggest laughs came during the Drunk Roundup sequence. Noah Young was brilliant as The Roughneck!

I give this one:

The Kid Brother (1927)

I'm still all warm and fuzzy over this one! Reminded me of my favorite Lloyd picture, Grandma's Boy. Harold Hickory is the youngest and weakest of Sherrif Hickory's three boys. After being treated as the runt of the litter, being forced to do "women's work", an opportunity arises for him to become the victor! Will his brains succeed over brawn? Will he win over the lovely gypsy girl (Jobyna Ralston)? Will he ever get down from that tree? This is a charming and very funny picture and I highly recommend it, as did Lloyd - it was one of his personal favorites.

I give this one:

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Lolita Kane said...

Of those, I have only seen "For Heaven's Sake!", and I agree with you totally when it comes to the drunkards! Ha ha, that was hilarious.