Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Movies, Ms Gish, and Me

I've had a copy of Lillian Gish's autobio for ages now.  Got it from one of those book-swapping sites, and unfortunately, it smelled so strongly of someone's wet basement that I couldn't even hold it, much less read it.

Well, after almost two years of airing and deodorizing: success!  I've tamed the mildew to a dull roar!  I celebrated by diving in and promptly losing myself in young Lillian and Dorothy's world.   A perfect time for it, too, since I'd taped a couple of Lillian's silents during her TCM Summer Under the Stars day.

Started watching "Orphans of the Storm" last night (no spoilers!) and so far I'm enjoying it.  Started a bit slow, but I know they had to build up the history part in order to have the rest of the movie make sense.  It's fun to see the sisters together, and pardon me for saying, but I do believe Dorothy is even lovelier than Lillian.  

Evening permitting, I'll finish this tonight, and then it's on to "The Wind", with Lars Hanson.  I'm really looking forward to that one!

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