Monday, April 2, 2012

God's Gift to Women (1931)

 I can't really write a proper review of this picture, because I fast-forwarded (do they still say that?) through most of it.  Oh, I tried to watch it; but after about 20 minutes my agonized screams pierced the quiet neighborhood and I shot the screen with my trusty rifle and I am totally not exaggerating.

Frank Fay is insufferable.  Not funny, not charming -- to have him play the "great lover" descendant of Don Juan is too ridiculous to even be a joke.  What I did see of the movie was, quite frankly (ha, frankly, oh how I kid), boring.  Lots of Laura La Plante mooning incessantly over Fay while he attempts, against all odds, to have her.

There are two things that saved this movie from being a complete zero, in my opinion: the all-too-few glimpses of Louise Brooks, sadly in career decline but looking as beautiful as ever; and the catfight between Brooks, Joan Blondell, and the always fun Yola d'Avril.  Oh!  Keep an eye out for the Sisters G as part of Fay's inexplicable entourage, too.

I give this one:  


Artman2112 said...

as you already know i am in agreement with you on this one! i didnt fast forward through any of it the time i saw it, i never do that, lol, but yeah Frank Fay was quite a test of my resolve...i need to watch it again, i only saw it once, musta been a dozen years ago.

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