Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shut Up and Dance!

Anyone else watch the Grammys Sunday night?  I was blown out of my seat by Bruno Mars. Damn, that boy can dance!

His electricity is contagious.  I love watching performers like that--they take you out of yourself and into the music.  You can't keep still, it's impossible!

Ann Pennington always does that to me, too.  This is short, but then again, so was she:

What a little firecracker!  Her style of dancing might seem clunky to our modern eyes but back then it was the bees'  knees.  To some of us, it still is!

And then you have the great Josephine Baker.  Skip ahead to 1:45 and gaze on perfection:

I dare anyone to stay in their seat during that.

Who are some of your favorite dancers, then and now?

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