Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hartsook Studio, 1916

When I came across his photos, I was struck by how attractive Carlyle Blackwell was.  Not much info exists on him, I let my imagination play a little with this one.  Hope you like it.

"Please put this on, sir,"
she said, her hands
shaking a little as she
held out the freshly pressed suit.
He was the handsomest man
she'd ever seen --
no wonder he was in the flickers.

With a nod and a
"thank you, miss"
he went to change.
With all the primping and posing
for his portrait

did he know she hid behind
the curtain, watching as
they captured it?
One cannot be sure, of course,
but I'd like to think
that after it was over

his solemn eyes began to twinkle
and he turned to her
and smiled.

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