Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Even though I know she was Greek, I chose a Welsh form of poetry -- the cyhydedd hir -- to celebrate her.  We are who we choose to be. 

A realtor's sign -
his name is now mine!
The chorus girl's line
gave me a start;
then Hearst came one night,
my future seemed bright!
It all seemed so right
(God bless his heart).

Oh, life was so blessed!
We had all the best
and shared with each guest
at the estate;
we partied and sang
with Hollywood's gang
way past when clocks rang
"it's very late".

A rumor, you know,
started long ago
saying I had no
skill, just money.
So they watched, those fools,
and fell off their stools -
I wasn't just jewels,
I was funny!


Artman2112 said...

nice! i'm not a fan of hers at all but i like your poem :) to me Hearst and Davies represented the hypocrisy and fakery of Hollywood at its ugliest. i dearly love how Welle's hammered them in Citizen Kane. that took GUTS i tell ya!

having said that, i loved "Show People" she was very good in that. :)

Avalon76 said...


I think Marion gets a bit of a raw deal though. She was a very good comedienne - but Hearst held that part of her back, preferring to see her in stuffy costume dramas.

I have yet to see Citizen Kane. =D

Artman2112 said...

maybe she does get a raw deal career wise and talent wise but lets face it she was the quinntessential "kept woman" and it was so blatant but because Heasrt was so powerful no one would dare make anything out of it. also in Louise Brooks' book Lulu in Hollywood she talks of Marion Davies neice Pepe Lederer and how she was treated there and it wasnt pretty. Brooks hated being at the Hearst/Davies estate but she adored Pepe.(i'm pretty sure Louise stated her only lesbian experience was with Pepe but claimed it didnt do a thing for her, lol)

Jennifer you MUST MUST MUST see Citizen Kane!!! it is an incredible film! i'm gonna hammer you on this, lol!!!!!!

Avalon76 said...

"Marion Davies' Niece" is one of my favorite Brooksie essays. Poor Pepi, she deserved better.

I do have to agree with you on one thing -- it amazes me how "okay" so many people were with Hearst & Marion's relationship...attending the soirees at "their" house, knowing full well that Hearst was married. I don't know if I could do that, myself.

"Citizen Kane" was one of my father's favorite movies...I really should sit down and watch it. Hammer away my friend! LOL