Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A little different this week.

This week was to be for Florence Lawrence, and so it still is...but when I sat down to write a poem, I wrote a song instead.  I'm still working on the music for it, but here are the lyrics.  ^_^

you can see her in the chair

on a monday in the afternoon
waiting for the call

will they need somebody's mother?
or merely some atmosphere
or nothing now at all

that streetcar seems so long ago
her making and her breaking
her start and yet her fall

 her name means flowers
and if you talk to her
they bloom as bright as yesterday
when all the world was wanting her
her name means flowers
and if you look at her
her face is still a bright bouquet
but lately things are haunting her

Wasn't so long ago
the crowds would run to get a seat
and watch her on the screen

She was a mystery
who was that gorgeous creature up there
stealing every scene

And then a whirlwind made her known
They said her name, they brought her fame
the hollywood machine



Time ticks on
And after they dispose of you
There's no one left that knows of you
Your head's held high
but in your eyes are words unspoken
you're tired and your heart is broken

this monday florence wasn't there
her legacy an empty chair

Florence Lawrence, the First Movie Star


whistlingypsy said...

You've created a lovely tribute to a lovely woman, who is sadly all but forgotten.

Avalon76 said...

Thank you so much, whistlingypsy! I can't wait to get the music worked out. I'm happy you liked it. ^_^