Monday, September 13, 2010

Gilbert-O-Rama #1: The Busher (1919)

A sweet little film, but one that couldn't hold my attention.  It's a shame, because Charles Ray gives a lovely performance as Ben Harding, small-town boy with a big talent for baseball who, through twists and turns, gets the opportunity to show the big leagues what he's got.  Colleen Moore is charming as Maizie, whom he loves but must compete for with a more self-assured Jim Blair (Jack Gilbert).  The story is rather predictable - country mouse goes to the city and is corrupted; will he be able to get back to himself again in time to help win the big game?

I enjoyed the scenes at the box social; a glimpse into a simpler time peppered with the same complex emotions of love and loss.  Not a bad movie by any means, but it fails to keep the steam with which it begins, and even with the exciting (yet expected) ending, I felt disconnected, even a bit bored.

I give this one: 

For a much more astute and in-depth review, hop on over to Chris Edwards'  blog Silent Volume, which you should follow (if you're not already).

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Artman2112 said...

haven't seen this one yet so i skipped your review so's not to get any spoilers, lol! but i'll watch anything with John Gilbert in it!