Thursday, June 17, 2010

Captain Salvation (1927)

A touching, spiritual little picture about Anson Campbell, a young man (Lars Hanson) studying to be a parson, and how no good deed - in this case, a helping hand towards a fallen woman (played with great fervour by Pauline Starke) - goes unpunished.  Anson suffers through many Christlike trials while trying to protect Bess Morgan (Starke) and still hold onto the love of his sweetheart Mary Phillips (the lovely Marceline Day).  Hanson does an admirable job; his turn as a crazed man in the second half of the film is terrific.   Wonderful supporting cast including Ernest Torrence and Flora Finch.  A little heavy-handed in the morality department (as you might expect), but still an all-round good picture that you wind up carrying with you for a while after it ends. 

I give this one: 


Jump_Raven said...

I remember seeing that about 3 years ago on TCM. Have you seen the other notable silent Lars Hanson film: The Wind (1928)?

Avalon76 said...

I haven't yet, but that's definitely on my list. I was quite impressed with Mr Hanson!

szmery said...

I would love to see it but can't get it here in Europe - so unfair!