Friday, April 2, 2010

His Majesty, the American

Oh Douglas Fairbanks!  Has there ever been
A name which conjures up such suave finesse?
You were like nothing else they'd ever seen,
Your wit and humor bright and effortless;
Add in your strength and athlete's nimble air
And there was born a modern Musketeer -
So likeable that even an affair
With Mary made the audiences cheer.
As Robin Hood, or Baghdad's swarthy Thief
You made a genre single-handedly,
The "costume picture" to this day is strong -
Just one part of your lasting legacy.
Through ninety years, the public you've delighted...
It wasn't only artists you united!

Douglas Fairbanks


Douglas Fairbanks said...

Gahd Bless You, Avalon76

Although it wasn't an affair -- it was the love for the ages

Avalon76 said...

Why thank you Doug!

Yes, it was a love story like no other...

...though I'm sure Owen and Anna Beth might have seen it a little differently. ;)