Friday, February 12, 2010

The Swan

In vaudeville she was a talent bonanza,
(A star even bigger than Trixie Friganza!)
Wasn't even in flickers until 1910,
But in 1914 Sennett entered - and then
He gave her, with Chaplin, a fortunate chance
To be featured in Tillie's Punctured Romance.
Fame and success at last on the screen!
(At least 'til she left it in 1918)
A nine-year hiatus, blacklisted to boot
(It was due to her views on a labor dispute),
But returned to success as Mrs Callahan
Alongside Mrs Murphy (Polly Moran)...
Yet these are just facts, and they don't begin
To explain how she graced every film she was in;
Expressive and earnest, funny and real,
This sweet "ugly duckling" was truly ideal.

Marie Dressler

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