Friday, January 8, 2010

A Discovery

Thanks to Amy Jeanne of It'll Take the Snap Out of Your Garters! for suggesting Dorothy!

Her name was Dorothy Devore,
I'd never heard of her before.
This gifted physical comedienne

Did two-reel work that raised the bar,
she was a WAMPAS Baby Star
of '23, though hardly its doyenne.

When some let others take the brunt,
she never shrunk back from a stunt
(as befit a darling of Al Christie).

Box-office leader in her day;
though dulled with time, I hear her say:
"I was the female Lloyd! How did you miss me?"

Dorothy Devore


Lolita said...

Fantastic poem! And no, I hadn't heard of her neither...

Avalon76 said...

Thanks hon! I have to look up some of her available work.