Thursday, December 3, 2009

C. C. C.

The form is in homage to the style of the Chinese T'ang poems.  The title refers to a nickname she earned hanging around film sets in her youth: CCC for "curious Chinese child".

In the dark of the flickers
Sat little Liu Tsong.
Willows bend but never break.
Her name would serve her well.

Talented and beautiful
She was Hollywood's muse.
Too Chinese to play Chinese -
She was Hollywood's victim.

In an era thought modern
Hyprocrisy reigned.
Your legend has outflown them.


D said...

That sounds like a heartbreaking story.

I love the poems but sometimes I wish there was a little more information on who you're writing about.

Avalon76 said...

D, that's the reason I started including links with the poems. Have a look below the picture. ^_^