Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Ballad of Kathleen Morrison

In the key of C, please. *grins*

It took a lot to make Kathleen:
A drive that would not falter,
Plus beauty, talent, humor, brains
(and help from Uncle Walter).

For six long years, to sappy roles
She'd grudgingly submit;
But when she bore the flames of youth
She found her perfect fit.

The flapper with the comic touch
Was now a superstar!
The Twenties face had found its place -
And it would take her far.

It wasn't always easy, but
As Colleen would attest
From mismatched eyes to her Castle's size
Her life was Faery-blest!

Colleen Moore


Lolita said...

Lovely poem with high entertainment value! Great job... again. ;)

Matthew Coniam said...

This worked especially well for me because - I admit with shame - I didn't actually realise who it was about until I got to the end.
Great stuff as usual.